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The personification of care and compassion – Clint Cornell PA-C

The history of medicine is a long and interesting one. Shamans and medicine men used herbs, roots, potions, decoctions and a host of related medicinal plants to cure ailments and illnesses.  The difference between ancient and modern medicine is that today medicine has adopted a proactive approach and seeks not merely to cure an existing illness but takes initiatives to ensure a condition does not arise.

Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati:

The name of the clinic is eponymous – the intent is that each of the patients at Peak Performance Medical lives life at his or her peak.  Peak Performance Medical offers customized medical solutions to its patients and foremost among its practitioners is Clint Cornell PA-C.  Being a sports enthusiast and an adventure seeker himself, he is well aware of the ailments and injuries that sports persons fall victim to.  He also understands the burning passion within each of them to get back on the track or to the trek and the annoyance they undergo when immobilized.

This is the reason that Clint Cornell advocates some of the most unique and fast healing therapies at Peak Performance Medical. 

Clint Cornell – PA-C – embodiment of compassion
One of the most noteworthy aspects of this medical practitioner is his ability to put you at ease at your very first session.  The rapport that he establishes with his body language and listening ear is highly commendable.  Patients are put at ease and confide all their medical problems in him in totality. 

Therapies available at Peak Performance Medical:

Having understood the patient’s medical challenges, Clint Cornell Cincinnati recommends the most suited therapy.  Seemingly common day issues such as fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, menstrual migraines, and mental fogginess are taken seriously and effectively treated with hormone replacement therapy.  The right amount of hormones are administered either by injection or pellets or after the course of treatment, the patient feels a bursting joie de vivre and zest for life.  Therefore whatever be your medical problem, do not try self-treatment or dismiss it as a mild irritant which will go away on its own or which you will learn to live with.  Instead, approach Peak Performance Medical for a quick and effective solution. 

Class IV Laser Therapy is another innovative treatment administered at Peak Performance medical.  While conventional laser treatment produces up to 100 watts of power, Clint Cornell employs only 15 watts of power when using Class IV Therapeutic Laser therapy.  It is, therefore, possible to administer more sessions within a shorter duration of time, the more frequent administration of the sessions means a quicker and faster healing period. So there you are safer and quicker treatment for you at Peak Performance Medical. 

The protocols deployed for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is among the safest and surest. As Clint Cornell will patiently explain to you the side effects of this treatment are non-existent as it is the patient’s own plasma that is being re-injected into the body.  This treatment has proved very popular among sportspersons owing to the quick and sure relief it offers for sports injuries.

Benefits of becoming a Peak Performance Member:

Peak Performance Medical offers you customized medical treatment for a monthly retainer.  You can do away with the hassles of insurance and enjoy the benefits of complimentary in-house services and high discounts on several external tests, such as MRIs, prescription medicines etc. Above all the biggest advantage is the easy access to practitioners especially Clint Cornell at Cincinnati. 


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The Competent, Capable Clint Cornell at Cincinnati

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